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Practice Areas

The attorneys at Gatzke Dillon & Ballance have committed themselves to representing it clients with all aspects of firearms laws. 
Firearm Regulation & Compiance


California has some of the most complex and confusing firearms laws in the country. Because of this, many gun owners in California are in violation of the law without knowning it. Thus, Gatzke Dillon & Ballance is comitted to protectecting the gun owners of California to ensure that they are in full compliance with the law.



Gun Rights Restoration


Under California's complex and overbroad laws governing firearms, many people have been stripped of their rights to own and possess firearms. Often this is due to an arrest that was never followed with charges being filed, or an inaccurate criminal record. Restoring your rights to own and possess firearms is often extremely complicated and can take a significant amount of time. The attorney's at GDB can help you get back your right to keep and bear arms.


Criminal Defense/Firearms Possession Charges

Have you been charged with a criminal offense involving firearms? Many of these charges are heavily dependant on the intracacies of California firearms laws. Having a detailed knowlege of both federal and state firearms laws could make the difference between conviction and acquittal. The firm's attorneys have devouted themselves to developing a comprehensive understanding of these laws.

Use of Force/Self-Defense 

The Second Amendment reserves the right of the individual to bear arms. This is especially true when one uses a firearm in self-defense. Whether you are a homeowner or a licensed concealed weapon carrier who has had to use your weapon in justifiable self-defense, having an attorney that can properly represent you is extremely important.

FFL Regulation & Compliance

Federal law governs the licensing requirements for gun dealers throughout the country. In addition to these regulations, there are state imposed requirements that every licensed firearms dealer must comply with.


Many Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealers run there businesses without representation. However, this leaves them open to both federal and state repercussions for various violations. Gatzke Dillon and Ballance will represent your FFL and ensure that it is in full compliance with the law. In addtion, our firm represents its clients if their business is ever sued.


Civil Rights Violations


Second Amendment rights are constantly attacked in California. Because of Califronia's draconian gun laws individual's Second Amendment rights are often violated by inaccurate application of the law by both law enforcemnt and city prosecutors. GDB is committed to protecting your rights and will fight to make sure they are not infringed.